Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sweet Sanpete

This weekend I took a little trip with my family to good ole Mount Pleasant. We have a cabin that we try to visit once or twice a month to take a break from our crazy lives and relax. If there are two things you should know about me it's that 1) I love my family more than anything, and 2) Mt. Pleasant is beautiful and my favorite place in all of Utah. That means this was a superb weekend because I was surrounded by two of the things dearest to me.

On Saturday we rode our 4-wheelers all around Spring City (a little town between Mt. Pleasant and Manti). If you are ever in the area and need a cozy spot to have a picnic this is the place. Main street has lots of cute art galleries and historic sites. Most of the buildings are old and the people are kind. If you see a sign for "Gormet Cream Snow" follow the arrows because it will take you to an adorable cottage that serves THE BEST Shaved Ice I have ever had. And that is saying something because I've lived in Hawaii where "Shave Ice" is a perfected art.

Being in Sanpete County is one of the best things a person can do for their body and soul. The air is pure, the stars are bright, and the scenery is breath taking (especially at this time of year). Sometimes we can get caught up in the stress and drama of our lives and forget to be thankful for this beautiful earth. It's hard to forget the magnificence when you see trees bursting with leaves so red you might think they were flowers. So if you're in need of a break and can spare an hour or two for the drive, head up to Sanpete County. It is an often overlooked treasure of Utah.

**pictures coming soon**

Thursday, September 19, 2013

My name is Katie, and so is everyone else's

So it turns out that Katie is probably the most common name in the blogging world.  I just googled "popular girl names 1994" and Kathrine, Kaitlyn, Katelyn, Katie, Kaitlin, Catherine, and Kathryn are all on the top 100 list.  That means 1 out of every 14 girls born in 1994 (meaning all the 19 year olds that love to blog) probably go by Katie.  I tried 12 different domain names with "katie" in them and they all had been taken.  My creativity is being suppressed because my parents had none when it came to naming me.  Thanks a lot, mom and dad.  (I'm really just being dramatic, I love my name.  But it is seriously common.)

I wanted to start a new blog because I kind of have a new life.  I've decided to call it This is a Blog because that's what it is, just a silly and unimportant little bit of the internet.  But mostly because I'm lazy and am THE WORST at coming up with things like titles.  It's hard stuff that gives me a headache.  Maybe I'll have an epiphany one day and change it but for now it will have to remain boring.

I'm not sure what kind of things I'll post about yet but you better believe they might be interesting!

Ps. Here is a picture of myself and a puppy